John is my new little buddy. He didn't even complain about pictures once!

Las Vegas

If I keep saving my pennies, one day I may have enough to see you again you beautiful city.

It's been a While

It's fall again and winter is on it's way. Where did summer go? I have no tan, and have had no time off. I've missed it!!! Oh Canada, when will global warming affect us? Anyways here's a couple of shots that I took just to let you know I'm still alive and shooting.


Just a couple shots from my most recent wedding. Hope you like.


I just popped the question to the most beautiful woman in the world!... and she said yes!

shooting a little different

This week i had the opportunity to work with a fashion expert to create something a little different. I guess the old adage is true, two minds are better then just one.

Good times

I think i am becoming immune to cold. Well at least I should be with all the winter shoots i've been having. Or maybe I'm having too much fun to realize that I'm coming down with frost bite. At least it wasn't - 30 degrees Celsius for my second wedding. It was more like a nice - 20. All i can say is that, if your shooting in the cold wear gloves. Preferably soft ones so you can wipe the fog off your lense. Lets just say i didn't heed my council, and I ended up not being able to snap a shot due to malfunctioning extremities.

Canadian Christmas

This month has been full of surprises, and upsets. From boarder and costumes ceasing my car to 30 degree temperature changes over night, and killing my camera on top of everything. That's not including my personal life. But out of the dim past comes a brighter future. My first wedding of the winter went really well, do to beautiful Canadian surroundings and an amazing couple. I love how new love can inspire in the darkest of times, and that is what Devon and Chelsea have inspired in their photographer.


today i had the privilege of attending the wedding of my brother in laws, nephew. I wasn't the main photographer so i got to sit back and relax which is always nice to do. I like to watch other photographers and see what could be done better with lighting and placement. I need to use the low stress techniques more often. I'll call it "smelling the roses"... so many photographers get stressed out and don't think about the basics of photography when they witness the commotion of family kids and time constraints. result: poor shots :( i promise you when the bride gets her photos back, she won't remember the few extra seconds taken during the shoot, because she will be in awe of your "awesomeness"(complements of kungfu panda)

launch time (

after about a week of re-editing old photos I am finally done. My website has launched and now I hate all of my photos. haha I guess thats what you get when you look at them for a week straight. Well i hope you enjoy. also please take the time to add yourself to my contact list so i can let you know about my photo promotions, which should be worth an e-mail or two.